Rohan's articles have been published by NUS, NTU (ICPVTR), HKIB
Journal (Banking Today), AsiaRisk, Bangkok Post, Insurance Asia, Manila
Times, Business World, City & Financial UK publication, and PwC
publications. Updated versions of select articles are given below by topic.

Section 1 - Supervisory Policy, AML Management
This section discusses supervisory (and FIU) policy and practices in Asia in
comparison to global and AML Management issues for senior management.

Section 2 - AML/CFT Basics, Regulatory Developments, Documentation
This section gives an overview on basic issues including role of
management and staff, secrecy and information sharing. It discusses
global regulatory developments on AML/CFT and KYC, and documentation.

Section 3 - AML Risk Management & Technology
This section discusses the new FCR imperatives, the three AML risk
models; the 'future of AML/CFT'; software solutions to KYC filtering,
transaction monitoring and identity theft issues.

Section 4 - Specific Topics in AML/CFT
This section discusses specific topics: tax evasion, wealth verification, KYC
for shell companies, mortgage loan fraud, China risk, derivatives, IPR Theft,
ATM transactions, cash and trade ML, need for new info. sources.

Section 5 - AML/CFT - Non-Bank Financial Institutions
This section covers hedge funds, insurance.

Section 6 - Terrorism
This section discusses pure terrorism related issues covering India,
Madrasas and the education system in Pakistan, the Telecom industry.
Rohan Bedi
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