Section 2 - AML/CFT Basics, Regulatory Developments,

NUS Business School
'An Overview of AML' (NUS)
'An Overview of AML for the Beginner'

This paper provides an overview of AML and is introductory in nature.

Asia Compliance - Terrorist Financing
'Terrorist Financing - Are We Focusing Correctly?', 2013

An update on CFT issues including issues like the 'dark web'.

ICPVTR (IDSS) - Terrorist Financing
Text of 2011 Conference Speech
'Terrorist Financing' (Basics), 2007

A summary of the existing status on the expectations of regulators and
enforcement from banks and a discussion on what is actually possible.

AsiaRisk – FATF 40 Revision
'The Global Standard'

The FATF 40 revised principles of 2003 are based on an extensive
consultation process of 2002. (For the 2012 revision see the free FCR
Videos on this website and Section 3 paper 'The New FCR Imperatives'.)

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