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Section 3 - AML Risk Management & Technology

inCOMPLIANCE, ICA and Asia Compliance
'The New FCR Imperatives - Summary Article
'The New FCR Imperatives' - White Paper

Provides an overview of 24 imperatives for strategic decision making.

BankingToday (HKIB Journal)
'AML Risk Models'

Describes three risk models - geography and country, business and
entity, product and transaction.

'What AML/CFT Technology Cannot Do For You!'

The article discusses critical issues that impact on the effectiveness of a
technology solution. It underscores that technology is not a panacea.

NUS Business School
'The Future of AML/CFT - Technology, Data, People'

This paper provides important insights on the future of money laundering
and terrorist financing risk management with a focus on technology.
'Cleaning up the system'

Technology in Asia. It is a useful overview for senior management.

Bangkok Post
'Guard against ID theft, terrorist financing'

Identity theft world-wide is a key anti-fraud, AML/CFT concern.
Sophisticated software can help.
Rohan Bedi
Combating Smart Financial Crime™