Rohan Bedi

Head of Financial Crime Asia, Coutts Private Bank, Singapore

“In my role as CRO at Coutts & Co Ltd in Asia, I had the privilege of working with
Rohan, as head of Financial Crime Risk function during a period of change in our
operating model. I considered us fortunate to have had the opportunity of working
with him. Rohan brought along the right kind of passion, that when coupled with his
knowledge and experience, made dealing with the intricacies of financial crime risk
management a pleasure to work on. His considerable knowledge of the subject
and expert insights into industry trends helped us address some of the ongoing
changes to regulatory landscape. During his stint, he demonstrated a genuine
partnership with the businesses – a willingness to spend time and effort to get to
the bottom of issues, while maintaining an open mind and uncompromising on
ethical principles. I valued his considerable contribution and team management
skills.” Nov 17, 2014
Errol D'Souza, Chief Risk Officer Asia, Coutts Private Bank, Singapore

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