Rohan Bedi
Feedback  (Contd.)

MD of Asia Compliance, Singapore

“Rohan has provided excellent and insightful articles for inCOMPLIANCE magazine
and has been a valuable and reliable source of knowledge and expertise. It has
been a pleasure working with him.” Sept 23, 2013
James Thomas, Editor, inCOMPLIANCE, Quarterly Journal of the International
Compliance Association, London

"I invited Dr. Bedi as one of the guest speakers of the 5th Annual Trade Surveillance
and AML Conference. He spoke on the revised FATF 40 principles. The
presentation was delivered via video in which he clearly demonstrated his
expertise. The handouts were detailed and the attendees were very happy with the
program checklist. I will definitely look for a long-term partnership with Dr. Bedi, and
I recommend him to you if you are looking for a real expert in the AML domain." June
24, 2013
Andrew Wong, APAC Conf. Producer, Capital Markets, Marcus Evans, Singapore
5th Annual Trade Surveillance and AML Conference

"Dr. Bedi’s speech gave us a clear roadmap to understand the trends of FATF
recommendations and how will it drive different regulatory focus on AML and new
enhancements to monitoring controls in banking practices. While the FATF
recommendations are mainly rules-based and hard to digest, he used real cases
to highlight the rationale behind the lengthy prescriptions, enabling the audience to
realize the implications of FATF and get ready to make responses." Feb 22, 2013
Ti-Chen Chen, Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance
ACAMS-TABF International Conference on AML, Taipei, Taiwan

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